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The Robert Wesley Branch Show is a round-table of wisdom, where people from all across the planet, from all walks of life, and from all religious and sacred traditions, convene for spiritual conversation. Featuring co-hosts Michele Wilson, Dante Bonner, and Brenda G.  All-new live shows on Saturday mornings, from 10 a.m. to noon (eastern), on BlogTalkRadio. Regular uploads to our YouTube channel.

Aug 30, 2016

As children, we dream. And as adults, sometimes we see our dreams come true. And sometimes we don’t. The question is: do we continue dreaming? Or do we pack up our dreams and stuff them so far down into our soul that we never see, feel or experience their magic manifested in the reality of our lifetime? And by dreaming, we are not referring to the “fantasies” observed in the sleep state. Your dreams do include those night-time visions, but are not limited to them. There is a conscious dreaming that is not only possible, but useful to you in the waking state of your everyday life. It is the difference between dreams and fantasies. In this show, we are talking about how dreams evolve through the life cycle – how childhood visions grow into the deferred dreams of adulthood. We’ll detail out how you can halt that from happening. We are also exploring the process of resurrecting long-lost dreams. Where do you begin? We’ll show you. And, as always, we are connecting the dots of your dreams to your higher life purpose. In our second hour, we talk to author and life-stylist Harriette Cole, who shares with us her Dreamleaper program.  Harriette also dives deep into the art, style, and importance of crafting an effective “elevator pitch” – a confident statement that speaks to who you are in this world and how to engage and influence prospective clients. She’ll walk you through it. [The Robert Wesley Branch Show #209: Dream Again: Part Two - originally broadcast on Saturday, May 7, 2016] #TheRobertWesleyBranchShow