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The Robert Wesley Branch Show is a round-table of wisdom, where people from all across the planet, from all walks of life, and from all religious and sacred traditions, convene for spiritual conversation. Featuring co-hosts Michele Wilson, Dante Bonner, and Brenda G.  All-new live shows on Saturday mornings, from 10 a.m. to noon (eastern), on BlogTalkRadio. Regular uploads to our YouTube channel.

Nov 1, 2017

Sharing the story of where my parents were when they heard the news of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination in 1968. Using their story as a backdrop to underscore the importance of receiving your family’s oral tradition: asking the questions, memorializing the history, knowing your family’s story, and respecting the struggles they have overcome and the successes they have enjoyed.

Discussing the White House press conference where 45 asked White House reporter April Ryan (American Urban Radio Networks) if she wanted to set up a meeting for him with the Congressional Black Congress (CBC). Also, detailing the CBC’s January 19, 2017 letter to POTUS, outlining their legislative agenda for African-Americans. Talking as well about the tenor and tone of our current White House: white, male, bitter, angry, nationalist, racist, and anti-poor.

We are asking the question, delving into ideas about what exactly is the American identity. How do you define and describe it? Also, drilling down on the specific issues making white nationalism problematic for most Black folks, who still perceive pro-white rallying from the perspective of trauma victims, who remember slavery, burning crosses, and Jim Crow laws. Also, reviewing an article by Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, touching on the need for an evolved language, that brings the national dialogue on “race” to the next level.

Delving into the political resistance movement currently afoot, and talking about what that looks like in the everyday lives of concerned citizen activists, in the presidential era of 45.

In this episode: Writer-podcaster-recovering television producer Robert Wesley Branch; television executive producer and business development consultant Michele Wilson; and supervisor of civil rights intake complaints for the state in which he lives, singer-songwriter Dante Bonner. [The Robert Wesley Branch Show #227: #Resist - originally broadcast on Saturday, February 18, 2017] #TheRobertWesleyBranchShow #RealRawRelevant #KeepItConscious